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Hello! My name is Kyree and I am the owner of Kyria's Crystals & Curiosities! Here's a little about me:

Born in North-Central Florida, I was raised by my mother and aunt, who encouraged me to explore philosophy and spirituality from an early age. My aunt, a history teacher, regularly took me to natural history and artifact museums, where I loved collecting rocks/tumbled stones from the gift shops. 

I studied Psychology and Business in college and received my Bachelor's Degree from the University of Florida in 2013.

Unsure of what I wanted to do, I went into the corporate world and climbed the ladder while continuing to study everything from Buddhism, Hinduism, Wicca, Theosophy, general occultism, and various monotheistic practices.

After the sudden and unexpected passing of my aunt in late 2019, I found myself dedicating more and more to my spiritual journey. It was in December 2019 that I started my first crystal blog on Instagram: @ForThyTree. Here, I became a part of a beautiful community of kind, generous, and like-minded individuals, including a mind-blowing school of Western Philosophy. 


This experience allowed me to connect to sacred geometry and hone into energy through crystal grids. Gridding became an art and therapy to express all sorts of magic. 

Then the pandemic started.... Around the same time, I saw my first Instagram crystal live sale and was hooked instantly.

In August 2020, I opened the @Kyrias_Crystals shop.


It's been an amazing ride ever since! We've had so many wonderful experiences, and I cannot thank everyone in my life who's been on this journey enough. 


At the end of 2021, I received my Reiki II certification and have been practicing regularly. Click here to book services!

There are so many plans in the works for the next year! Classes, workshops, one-on-one sessions, in addition to new beautiful crystals and products! With the expansion of Kyrias Curiosities beyond just crystals, I'm excited to start a new chapter of growth and love. 

Much love,

Kyree (aka "Kyria")


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